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Wife Gone Wild                Absorbing Jane
Vegas Pickup

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Stranger Sex

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Afternoon Handjob
When this video begins we see Afton sitting astride her husband's legs wearing a red bra and garter belt that's adorned with black lace. She also has on a pair of sexy nylon stockings. Her husband is totally naked and Afton has in her hand a bottle of lube. It's clear that a hand job is forthcoming and that premonition is proven true when she squirts the lube into her hands and begins to stroke his meat. She works his cock skillfully; her hands stroke up and down his hardening shaft and she spends time fondling his heavy balls as well. SAMPLE

Anal Dildo Farting
Afton puts on quite an anal show in this video clip. Sitting on her hands and knees in her dining room she takes a vibrator and gently inserts it into her asshole. She fucks herself a bit and then pulls her hand away and the vibrator stays inserted. Then she begins to smack her ass, giving it hard whacks while she shakes it back and forth. Again she starts to penetrate herself, pushing almost the entire length of the dildo inside her asshole before pulling it out again. The camera adopts a close up view at this point and it looks amazing! At the end of the video she pulls the dildo out, spreads her ass cheeks, and gives us a view of her freshly fucked asshole. SAMPLE

Big Red Dildo Fucking
Armed with a truly impressive red dildo Afton sits on a chair, spreads her legs, and inserts it into her pussy. She's already applied a liberal amount of lube to herself and you can see how slippery her pussy is. Because of that lube and her arousal the dildo slides easily into her snatch. This thing is easily 10 inches long and she's taking almost all of each with each inward thrust. She moans and groans with each penetration, which adds to the sexual energy in the room. The best part of the video is when the camera zooms in for an extreme close up and we can actually see the juices dripping out of her pussy. It's simply amazing! SAMPLE

Car Blowjob and Handjob
Afton has one lucky husband. In this video they're driving down the road when she decides she'd like a taste of his cock. She unzips his pants, pulls it out, and sucks it into her mouth without even waiting for permission. In an effort to stay safe he pulls the car over and points the camera right at his crotch. This allows us a wonderful, up close view of Afton's talented mouth and hands as she works his cock. Her oral technique involves sucking and licking the head passionately while her hand strokes the rest of the shaft. About halfway through the clip she pulls her mouth off the cock and strictly uses her hand to stroke him. Eventually he cums into her waiting palm. SAMPLE

Chilli Burping Session
This somewhat bizarre video begins with Afton sitting at her kitchen table and eating a bowl of chili. She's talking to the camera about how chili makes her burp and scooping spoonful after spoonful into her mouth. As she eats and drinks her water various articles of clothing begin to come off. Her right tit makes and appearance first and then her left tit pops out as well. While she's stripping and eating Afton occasionally lets out a monster burp. Roughly two minutes into the video we get a glimpse of Afton's pussy as she spreads her legs and reveals that she's not wearing any underwear. Towards the end of the clip, after she's finished her chili, Afton stands up and draws forth a long series of burps from deep within her stomach. SAMPLE

Bedroom Cum Bath
When this video begins we see Afton lying on her bed. Her husband comes into the picture and ties her feet together with a pair of leather cuffs. Then he moves to the other side of her body and binds her hands together. They're suspended over her head and tied to the floor with a long leather strap. She's now prone on the bed and completely open to his advances. He walks off camera and returns totally naked. He kneels over Afton's body and jerks himself off over her crotch. She's wearing black spandex hotpants and they please him enough that he squeezes out a hot load all over them. SAMPLE

Dining Room Foot Fetish
This sexy video clip is for the foot fetishists out there. In it Afton is sitting at her kitchen table wearing a pair of patent leather heels. She has her feet on the table and the camera is trained directly on them. Afton bounces her feet up and down on the table, clicks her heels together, and shows off her feet in general. About halfway through the clip she removes one of her heels and shows off her bare foot. Her nails are painted a bright red and they look beautiful. At one point she pulls her foot off the table and gives the camera an extreme close up look at the sole, which is soft and sensual. By the end she has both heels off and she's really showing off her goods. SAMPLE

Bedroom Domination
Afton's husband lies naked on the bed. Afton, wearing a white bra and nude pantyhose, binds his hands to the metal headboard with leather cuffs. Next she takes a long leather strap and wraps it around the base of his cock and his balls. She ties the end of that strap to his wrist, which ensures that he won't struggle against his bonds for fear of damaging his sack. She also binds his feet together with a pair of leather cuffs. Finally, she ties a nylon stocking around his cock and ties the other end of the stocking between his feet. He is now completely bound and at her mercy, which means it's the perfect time to site on his face. Afton lowers her pantyhose covered snatch to his face and commands him to eat her out, which he does through the nylon material. He also gets a taste of her ass and feet. SAMPLE

Dildo DP
Wearing only a white bra amateur Afton climbs on her bed and bends over, giving the camera a great shot of her pussy and asshole from behind. She wiggles her butt for us a few times and then takes a lubed up dildo and places it at the entrance to her anus. In just a few thrusts the dildo is deep inside her rectum; so much so that she's able to take her hand off of it and it will continue to rest there. With the dildo still in her ass Afton takes to playing with her pussy. She slaps it and rubs it, all of which is designed to get it nice and wet for the second dildo. This one is a flesh colored beauty that she easily pushes fully inside her pussy. SAMPLE

Face Sitting while Reading
Wearing a white slip Afton affixes leather cuffs to her husband's hands and then binds them together over his head. She then attaches a chain to his hands to make sure that he can't move them. Once he's sufficiently bound she turns around and lowers her sweet ass onto his face. As she's smothering him she pulls a text book off of her desk and sets it on his chest. She then proceeds to read from the book while her husband's face is full of panty covered ass. At intervals during the reading she removes the book from his chest to slap him. His thick boner makes it quite obvious that he's enjoying himself and you will too once you see this clip. SAMPLE

Fullback Pantie Dildo Play
Afton looks absolutely marvelous in the sheer white baby doll she has on in this video. Her nipples poke through the soft material and her big round breasts can be observed as well. Afton is also armed with a vibrating massager in this clip, but she's not planning on using it to massage her back. She's going to be using it on her pussy, and she's hoping that she'll be able to cum on camera. She starts out on her hands and knees, rubbing the massager along her panty covered pussy from behind. Then she lies on her back and places the vibrating object directly over her clit. Her hips begin to thrust from the stimulation and eventually she achieves the orgasm she was so desperately searching for. SAMPLE

Gagging and Fucking
If you've ever wondered why some dildos have those fake balls built in at the bottom this video should offer all the explanation you need. In it Afton is totally naked and holding one of those dildos. It's flesh colored, about 6 inches long, and has a pair of built in balls at the bottom. At first Afton just sucks the dildo, but soon it becomes clear that she's merely lubing it up for entry into her beautiful pussy. When it's ready she places it on the bed and gently guides it into her pussy. At this point it becomes clear that the balls are used to stabilize the dildo so it can be ridden without the need for hands. Afton does just that, letting the plastic phallus fill her up good. SAMPLE

Peeing through my Jeans
Someone's in the bathroom and Afton needs to go badly. Wearing a pair of jeans and a white satin bra she knocks on the bathroom door and urges whoever is in there to hurry up. When they don't come out she begins to panic a little. She holds her crotch, hoping to stave off the flow of urine, and bounces up and down in a fit of nervous energy. If she doesn't get in there soon she's not going to be able to hold in her piss. Sadly, after four minutes of trying she's forced to let her bladder go. The piss flows down her legs, leaving a wet stain on her pants that runs down both sides. The floor also has a puddle of piss on it. SAMPLE

Lollipop Sucking fun
This video is pure tease. When the clip begins we see Afton sitting in a brown leather chair. She's wearing a blue and white bra and sucking on a red lollipop. She pushes the pop deep into her mouth and pulls it out again, letting her lips savor the sticky smooth texture as it passes through. She repeats the procedure again, but this time the camera goes in for a close up on her lips. It's not hard to imagine that it's a cock she's sucking on, and that's the idea behind the clip. It's like a high definition preview of what getting a blowjob from Afton would be like. SAMPLE

Interracial Orgy
When this scene begins there are four people on a bed together, two guys and two girls, and they're all engaged in oral sex. The black guy is paired with Afton and he's eating her sweet pussy. The other guy is on his back and getting his dick sucked by a mature blonde babe. After the oral endeavors are over the black guy penetrates Afton and the other couple fucks on the opposite end of the bed. Eventually more people come into the picture, resulting in six people screwing on the bed. It's an amazing and lengthy scene in which no sexual avenue is left uncovered. Everyone enjoys an ample taste of pussy and cock here and if you love group sex and interracial sex you'll love this clip. SAMPLE

MILF on the Bed
In her videos Afton pursues many different specific sexual practices. In this particular clip the theme is pussy spreading. Wearing only a pair of socks Afton is lying on her bed. She has her legs spread open and the camera is positioned right between them. The angle is just wide enough that we can see her ankles. While holding her pussy open and thrusting her hips Afton lives out an oral sex fantasy. She talks about how good a pussy eater you are, where she wants you to lick her snatch, how to please her, and more. It's a very interactive clip and I think you'll find it incredibly hot. SAMPLE

Motel Fucking and Sucking
Afton has found herself a nerdy cowboy and she wants to fuck him. He has on a cowboy hat, jeans and a t-shirt and she's wearing a sexy black negligee. After losing his shirt and hat he attacks her tits, sucking on her nipples and then moving to her soft and supple neck. He goes down on Afton first and then she sucks his cock until he cums all over her tits. A little while later they engage in a second sex scene. In this one Afton is wearing purple lingerie and he's totally naked. Once again they exchange oral sex, including a hot 69, and then Afton climbs on his cock and slowly grinds her pussy into it. This scene ends with an internal cumshot. SAMPLE

Anal Douche Instruction
I feel pretty confident saying that this video is unlike any you've ever seen on a porn website. In it Afton shows you how to douche your anus. In the beginning of the video she holds up the douche and explains what you'll be learning during the clip. Then she proceeds to treat you to a sexy striptease before getting down to the nitty gritty. First she unbuttons her jacket and exposes her tits, which as always are amazingly round and perky. After squeezing and groping her tits for the camera she pulls up her skirt and shows off her beautiful booty. This is where the learning part comes. Ashton takes off her panties and spreads her ass cheeks wide to explain the proper douching and insertion technique. It's a very informative video that also serves to titillate, and I think you'll find it quite appealing. SAMPLE

Stockings and Garters
This fabulous video combines two fetishes, those for feet and nylons, to create one fantastic clip. In the video Afton is sitting on her bed wearing a garter belt and nude colored nylons. The camera is placed at her feet and maintains a stationary angle for the entire clip. During the clip we get limitless views of Afton's feet and legs. She wiggles her toes in front of the camera, shows off the bottoms of her feet, and lets us look at her long and luxurious legs. There are also a few instances where she pulls up her legs and gives us a nice shot of her ass and a hint of her pussy. SAMPLE

Tickle Wrap Fun
If you're into tickle torture then this sweet video is for you. In it Afton is sitting on a stool and unable to move because her torso and legs are bound by plastic wrap. This keeps her feet locked next to each other and makes it so she's unable to use her arms to defend herself. In this vulnerable position she can do nothing to stop her husband from tickling her feet non stop. He delights in being able to torture her; when his face occasionally drops into the camera's view you can see the look of delight. Afton's face is a mix of pleasure and pain as she switches from laughter to a sense of overwhelming sensation. SAMPLE

Wine Drinking and Burping
When this video begins we see Afton at her dining room table drinking a glass of wine and relaxing. She's wearing a burgundy sweater and a pair of stockings. The fun starts 30 seconds into the clip when she pulls up her top to reveal her wonderful breasts in a simple black bra. While Afton is slowly stripping and groping her tits she's also burping, which is the real focus of this clip. For some reason wine activates the burping mechanism in her body and she's able to create quite a chorus of noise. Aside from the burping the video also features nice shots of Afton's tits after she pulls them out of her bra. SAMPLE

The Working Girls
Men around the world would be encouraging their wives to have their friends over if every gathering was like this one. Afton has two of her friends over to the house and the girls all get topless and enjoy some nice wine and conversation on the couch. Of course, they're all naked and horny so they can't resist touching each other. Afton is constantly running her hand over her friend's thigh. Soon enough Afton's two friends turn their attention on her. One of the girls, the sexy blonde one, buries her head in Afton's crotch begins to lick and suck her pussy. SAMPLE

Handjob over Coffee
This is a very hot hand job video. The camera is zoomed in on the crotch of Afton's husband and his robe is spread wide enough that his cock is available for easy access. Afton takes his soft dick in her hands and begins to stimulate it. She uses both of her hands to stroke the shaft, working it up and down in a sexy motion. When it gets hard she uses her bottom hand to stabilize the shaft while she rapidly rubs her top hand up and down the top side of his dick. When he's rock hard she takes the cock between two of her fingers and rubs just under the cock head. It's a technique I've never seen before but it seems to work quite nicely, as evidenced by the cream spilling forth from his dick. SAMPLE

Squirting Orgasim
Afton is lying naked on her leather couch. Her husband, also naked, kneels down and places his head between her luscious thighs. While Afton holds her hands over her head he sucks and licks her pussy like a man deprived of food for weeks. She moves her hips to meet the thrusts of his tongue, and when her pussy is dripping wet they switch positions and she gives him a little head before lying on her back again to be penetrated. With her legs spread wide open he pounds her fast and hard, driving his cock deep into her pussy and pulling out again rapidly. Eventually he climaxes inside of her and the camera goes in close on her pussy to reveal a flow of semen leaking out of her. SAMPLE

Femdom Foot Fetish
This video is all about the boots. Afton, wearing a sexy pair of white leather lace up boots, is sitting on a chair above her husband, who is lying on the carpet. First Afton simply covers his face with her boot, allowing him to sniff and lick the bottom like a dirty slut. Then she actually pulls the boot off so he can enjoy the inside where her foot has been resting. It's sweaty and hot in there, but he loves the lasting scent of her foot and the leather mixing together. Putting the boot aside Afton takes her bare foot and holds it over his face. She closes his nose with her fingers and forces him to breathe in the air coming from her nylon covered foot. SAMPLE

Watch me in my Girdle
Afton puts on a sexy dance show in this clip. Wearing only a pair of skin tight black nylon shorts she shakes her hips and flaunts her tits in the hallway of her house. Her breasts are the focal point of the clip, and with good reason. They're absolutely fabulous looking. While dancing Afton spends considerable time with her hand running over her crotch. She rubs herself until she's generated a powerful heat in her crotch. Her dance also includes plenty of amazing ass shots where Afton bends over at the waist and gives the camera a full on view of her beautiful booty. SAMPLE

I lost my earings
Afton is getting ready for a night out. She has on a little black dress and is sitting in her living room putting on a pair of earrings. She manages to get one of them in and then she drops the other one. She looks for it on where she was sitting but she can't find it. She drops to her hands and knees and begins a search around the room. During her search she ends up revealing more of herself than she intended. As she crawls around the carpet her dress rides up and we get a wonderful view of the fullback satin panties she's wearing. Her ass looks wonderful in them, especially during the close up shots the camera takes. SAMPLE

Hotel Face Sitting Session
Afton has come to a motel room for an afternoon tryst with her lover. She's on the bed wearing a sexy baby doll and pantyhose. Her man walks in the room wearing a tank top and boxer shorts and they begin the dance of foreplay. He lies on the bed and she runs a hand up his shorts and plays with his cock before grinding her ass into his crotch. Then she positions her pussy directly over his face and slowly grinds herself into his mouth. It gets even hotter though when she feeds him her asshole. The scene finishes with an amazing 69 in which we get a great view of Afton's cock sucking abilities. SAMPLE

Elegant Handjob
Afton is wearing a sexy polka dot top and a long skirt and holding a cock in her hand. The cock is semi hard and she's slowly stroking the ever growing shaft. When the cock gets nice and stiff she applies a generous amount of lube and then buckles down for some serious stroking. She forms a fist around the dick with her hand and squeezes it tight while continuing to stroke up and down. By this time the dick is rock hard and it's obvious that the inevitable orgasm is just around the corner. To bring the cock to orgasm Afton takes it between her middle and pointer fingers and applies pressure to the sensitive spot just under the head. Soon the cum is flowing freely from the tip. SAMPLE

Eating and Fucking
Wearing a pair of grey pantyhose Afton lies down on her leather couch and beckons her man to suck her pussy. He gets on his knees and follows her command by burying his face in her snatch and licking up and down. After a few minutes Afton gets on her hands and knees and beckons him to lick her asshole, which he does without complaint. He also fingers her pussy and slaps her ass in this position. They switch positions again and this time Afton sits on his face, rubbing her pussy along his mouth and nose. A hot 69 comes next and then Afton takes her panties off and demands to be fucked. The guy grants her wish and after poking her pussy for a while pulls out and cums on her stomach. SAMPLE

Computer Guy Threesome
Afton and her brunette friend have rented a motel room for the day to seduce one lucky guy. He's working at a computer when they come over to him and begin the seduction. Afton's friend is wearing a red corset and jeans and Afton is in a short skirt and a sexy purple top. The real action begins when the guy's dick comes out of his shorts and the girls take turns sucking it. Afton is the only one to get fucked, and the first penetration comes when she rides the guy while he's still sitting in the chair. After that they move to the floor where she fucks him for twenty long minutes before he cums on her stomach. SAMPLE

Forced to Jerk Off
Sitting on her leather couch in a maroon robe Afton is holding a long silver serving spoon. It’s unclear what she plans to do with it until her slave steps into the picture and she demands that he masturbate on command. At that point it’s obvious that the spoon is to be used for punishment should he not follow her command. He begins to stroke himself but he doesn’t appear to be working fast enough as Afton beats the head of his cock with her spoon. She wants him to get hard and now and she wants to see cum shooting from his cock. When he’s still not able to get hard after three minutes she begins to beat his stomach with the spoon, producing red welts. Eventually though he has success and shoots cum on the couch and her feet. SAMPLE

Cock Humiliation
Sitting in a recliner in a tight leather top and shorts Afton stares at the small tied up dick of her lover and laughs at him. His cock barely protrudes from his pelvis in it’s tied up state and that seems to bring her nothing but pleasure. She alternates between berating him for having a small cock and slapping his balls, dick, and stomach for her own pleasure. She clearly loves to see him suffer, and he’s more than happy to take the abuse in order to be allowed access to her sweet pussy. In addition to the arousing oral abuse Afton delivers to her slave she also looks fantastic in the tight leather adorning her skin. The video ends with her spitting on his cock. SAMPLE

Pony Girl
Standing behind Afton is a sexy blonde babe in a black dress. She reaches around Afton and removes her dress and then pushes her onto her knees. Once there she places a collar around Afton’s neck and a horse bit in her mouth. Afton is then pushed onto her hands and knees and a pony’s tail is inserted into her asshole. The blonde girl then begins to have fun with her new slave pony by riding her back, groping her tits, spanking her ass, and whipping her with her own tail. Afton takes it all like a good slut and doesn’t utter a moan of protest. All you’ll see from her is a look of pure lust in her eyes. SAMPLE

Aunties Spanked
Holding a belt in his hand Afton’s husband is sitting on a leather ottoman wearing a robe. Afton stands naked next to him and lowers herself across his lap when he commands it. He raises the belt, which he’s bent in half to form the perfect spanking weapon, and lowers it down across both of her cheeks. The leather slapping against her flesh makes a loud slap and her legs kick up from the pain. Each time he brings the belt down on her fleshy bottom she reacts to the pain with a reflexive kick of her legs. After five minutes of spanking her cheeks have turned a rosy red color and her husband gives us an up close look at the tender flesh. SAMPLE

Pethetic Little Man
A dominant Afton appears on camera in this video as she scolds those watching for having such small dicks. She’s holding a thin pen and she talks at length about how your dick is only as big as that pen and it couldn’t possibly pleasure her pussy. In fact, with such a small dick you might be at risk of getting lost inside her pussy. How could you ever hope to please a woman with a dick that small? She asks. She spends the entire 8 minute video berating you for having a small dick. She also shows off her pussy at great length. Most of it is in service of demonstrating how a dick so small could never hope to please a pussy as fine as hers. SAMPLE

Used as a Pillow
With a vinyl dress around her waist Afton is sitting on her lover’s face as he eats her pussy. When the phone rings she casually picks it up and begins a conversation. All the while the camera swings around the room and gives us different angles of the amazing oral sex going on. Afton holds her legs steady and smothers her lover’s face with her sweet pussy and ample ass cheeks. He doesn’t move an inch though; this man knows his place in Afton’s house and he’s happy with it. After the phone call ends Afton picks up the television remote and flips to a sitcom. She laughs heartily while still smothering the slave below her. Even after five long minutes she doesn’t release him from his oral prison. SAMPLE

Servant Strikes Back
Afton looks lovely sitting at the dining room table in a purple evening dress. She’s all alone, obviously waiting for a date, and she takes a sip from the wine glass in front of her. She begins to feel a little strange after drinking the wine and soon it’s been clear that she’s been drugged. There’s nothing she can do though and she passes out from the effects of the chemical. When she wakes up she’s been tied to the chair at her hands and feet and she can’t move. The chef sits in front of her, drinking a glass of wine and enjoying her situation. She begins to get lippy with him and he stuffs her mouth with a napkin to get her to shut up. SAMPLE

Forced Orgasm
Lying on the floor of her bedroom in a black skirt and white sweater Afton’s hand are tied behind her back. A rope runs from her hands to her bound ankles, making it so that she can’t really move. A man with a rope enters the picture and ties her arms further, making it even more impossible for her to exhibit any range of movement. He then takes a pair of white panties and stuffs them into her mouth. To keep them there he ties a rope around her head several times. His next move is to place a large massaging vibrator on her pussy and tie it into place with a pair of ropes. Despite her resistance to it Afton begins to feel the pleasure of the device and her hips begin to thrust upwards, searching for more. SAMPLE

Houswife Trapped
As the closet door slowly opens we see Afton tied at her wrists and ankles and with a cloth gag in her mouth. The only movement she can pull off is rolling on her ass and slowly inching herself forward by sliding her butt. She’s wearing a pair of pink high heels, a pink shirt, and a short skirt. On her legs is a pair of tan stockings. She actually looks pretty sexy, and the idea of a helpless woman certainly has its appeal. After much struggle Afton makes it out of the closet. At one point during that struggle she upends herself and exposes her pussy to the camera. Once out she’s able to loosen some of her bonds, but eventually she’s overcome with exhaustion and she collapses in defeat. SAMPLE

Water Torture
Afton is bound and gagged in a Jacuzzi bathtub and unable to move. The problem is that the water’s flowing and she can’t get out of the tub. The handles for the water are out of her reach and the best she can do is struggle back and forth in the tub. All she’s doing is expending energy though; the end is inevitable unless greater outside forces intervene. As the tub continues to fill Afton’s clothing, including a pair of nude pantyhose, are soaked through and her hair begins to get wet. By the time the water reaches he ears she’s all but resigned to her fate. She isn’t really fighting it any more; every so often she raises her head to struggle in vain, but her heart isn’t in it. SAMPLE

Tied & Gagged
Afton is sitting on the floor in a sexy black baby doll, red gloves, red fishnet stockings, and a pair of black high heel shoes. Next to her is a length of white rope that leads you to believe she’ll soon be bound. Not surprisingly a man enters the picture and begins tying her up. First he bends her arm at the elbow and ties her wrist to her biceps. He does the same for the other arm and then ties her ankles to her thighs on both legs. Next he binds her hands to her legs so she’s pulled tightly into a wrapped position and can’t move an inch. He ties her mouth with a scarf and now she’s completely immobile and unable to talk. Then he walks off screen and grabs the camera to take us on a tour of her body and all the knots. SAMPLE

Housewife in Destress
Afton is sound asleep in her warm and comfortable bed. She’s wearing a gold nighty and a pair of black pantyhose. She looks so peaceful, which is why it’s so jarring when a man comes into the frame and smothers her with a pillow until she passes out. When she awakens from her forced slumber she finds that she’s been bound with an elaborate series of ropes. Her hands are tied to her feet and her arms are tied together at the elbow. Finally a rope runs from the bed post to her waist, making it impossible for her to move anywhere beside the bed. She struggles against the bonds but to no avail; whoever tied her up has made plans for her that she won’t be avoiding. SAMPLE

Driving in my Car
Driving her car Afton wears a pair of black pinstripe stockings, a short black skirt, and a black tank top. This two part video is all about Afton’s beautiful legs and the camera is mostly focused on that part of her body. From the passenger’s seat it looks down at them and watches while she pushes the break and gas pedals to drive around town. Her legs look marvelous in the stockings and when she depresses the pedals it causes her calves to flex in a very sexy way. At one point the camera moves down to the floor and we get a great up close view of her legs. SAMPLE

Knee Length Boots
Lovers of vinyl boots prepare for a real treat. This three part scene takes place in Afton’s car as she drives herself around town. Afton is wearing a floral halter dress and a pair of thigh high vinyl boots. When the scene begins the camera is focused on the tops of the boots and her thighs. Her skin is creamy and soft and her dress is riding up her thighs enough that you can almost get a peak at the juicy parts underneath. The boots are the real show here though; most of the scene is focused on watching Afton drive while wearing them. She pushes the gas pedal, presses the break, and steers her car through traffic while the camera looks down at her feet. The vinyl is shiny and makes a crinkling noise as she moves her feet. SAMPLE

Running Errands
This video begins focused on Afton’s face as she’s driving her car. She’s wearing a pair of sunglasses and laughing as she talks to the camera. The view then pans down to her legs and we see she’s wearing a short skirt and a pair of sandals. Besides those items her legs are bare, and they look amazing. As Afton drives down the road we see her press the brake and push the gas pedal. Both actions cause her calf muscles to flex and relax, which will fire up any foot and leg fan. The camera also pans to her legs quite often and shows us her bare thighs and just a hint of her crotch. SAMPLE

Rubber Boots
Wearing a pair of pink boots, a brown skirt, and a fur jacket Afton shuts her garage door and trudges through the snow to her car. She opens the door and slides into the driver’s seat while the camera watches her from behind the car. When she shuts the door the camera cuts to an interior shot and we watch as Afton backs out of her driveway and begins to make her way into town. At this point the camera focuses on her legs and feet, which are mostly covered by the pink boots she’s wearing. For nearly twenty minutes Afton drives around and we get to look at her legs, boots, and upper thighs which are exposed after she pulls up her skirt. SAMPLE

Drive in Vegas
Wearing a short skirt and a pair of black strap heels Afton gets in her SUV and heads out around town to do a few errands. The camera is positioned in the passenger seat and focuses on her feet and calves as she alternates between pressing the brake and the gas pedal. Her legs are beautifully toned and they look utterly gorgeous as her calves tighten when she presses the pedal. Occasionally the camera drifts to the left a little and we get a close up look at Afton’s beautiful and supple thighs. Most of the focus though is squarely on her feet and toes, which are painted in a bright red that contrasts nicely with the black leather shoes she’s wearing. SAMPLE

Barefoot Pedal Pumping
With the door of her car open Afton sits in the driver’s seat and tests out the feel of the gas and break pedals without any shoes on. The camera is in the doorway and focused squarely on her feet. You can watch as she presses hard down on the pedal and her tight calf muscles flex from the effort. This is really a fantastic show for foot and leg lovers. Afton has delectable feet and legs and her toenails are painted a shiny pink color that reflects beautifully in the light from the camera. SAMPLE

Rental Car
Amateur Afton rubs her legs off and then slowly slides into the driver’s seat of her SUV. As she does so she manages to flash her red panties to the camera, giving the viewers at home a little thrill. After starting the car Afton puts it in reverse and slowly backs out of the parking space. It’s at this point that the camera goes into foot worship mode and we watch as it zooms in on her foot, clad in a sandal, as it presses the break and gas pedals while she navigates the road. The camera angle also allows us ample opportunity to check out her sex calves as the muscles tighten while she’s pressing the pedals. SAMPLE

Road Trip
Driving her SUV Afton is wearing a low cut red top, a super short black skirt, and a pair of shoes that expose the tops of her feet. The camera is positioned in the passenger’s seat and we’re treated to up close views of Afton’s feet as they manipulate the gas and brake pedals. Her legs are totally bare and the up close shots are very erotic as her soft skin is shown up close and personal. The best part of this video is when the camera pans up Afton’s thighs and you realize she’s not wearing any panties. About six minutes in Afton drops her hand between her legs and begins masturbating while she drives. She also plays with her tits throughout the clip. SAMPLE

Neighbor's Car
When this video begins we’re in Afton’s car. The camera is focused on her feet as they manipulate the gas and break pedals of the sporty car she’s driving. Afton is wearing a pair of suede boots, a short denim skirt, and a fur lined coat. Most of the video focuses on her legs as she drives down the street, but we also get a number of shots of her thighs, her exposed crotch, and her beautiful calves. Her legs are cleanly shaven and they look heavenly as she presses down on the gas pedal and the muscles in her calves flex. SAMPLE

Panty Hose Dreams
This movie starring Afton is for the pantyhose fetish lover, Afton gets eaten through her pantyhose& his cock is rubbed over her hose, Afton rides his hard cock bareback with hose on, & also gives a Fantastic BJ. Afton's Lover Tears a hole in her pantyhose and penetrates Afton's pussy while Afton's husband filmed all of this Hot action. Afton's movie is full of hardcore pantyhose sex. SAMPLE

Afton Meets up with a Black Man over the internet. They meet at a hotel & go to his room for Hot Interracial Sex !! Afton was Fucked in a position that Afton was never fucked in before. He Fucked Afton in numerous sexual positions pounding her pussy with his huge Cock. 69, Face Sitting , Riding, reverse Riding, Pussy eating, Side ways fuck, Reverse Fuck & More !!. He cums inside her Pussy with his condom on as Afton is bent over the bed as he Fucks her. SAMPLE

Afton a much Older Women of Is all over this Younger Girl Being The first to Slowly Make her Lesbian. Afton is 17 years older . Soft Kissing ,Foreplay & touching. Kissing is sure to ease this Virgin into more the next time. Afton is a very good instructor with years of experience. SAMPLE

Vintage Fhur Handjob
Sexy Afton adorn in a real Rabbit fur vintage coat strokes the soft rabbit fur on the gentlemen's dick. Very stimulating & a little ticklish, brings life to this Cock. Afton also adorn in Vintage gloves that rise a little over her wrists gives him an unbelievable Hand job, Soft hands in gloves yet very strong grip, Afton makes her Gentlemen Cum giving her a big load of sperm. SAMPLE

Riding Cock
First off Afton teases his cock by riding him with her sexy shorts on. Then Afton rides his cock with her white satin panties. Afton sits on his face with her Satin panties & gets eaten & sniffed. Afton goes down on his cock in the 69 position. Now Afton rides his cock naked. Very Hot Ass flexing while Afton rides Cock. Afton goes down all the way on his stiff Cock hitting balls hard. Afton's Ass Jiggles a lot when riding. Afton rides , he cums inside Afton. Nice close-up of used, cum filled Cunt. SAMPLE

Panty Cum
Afton loves to get Fucked in her Satin Panties, Afton starts out giving a Blowjob. Nice hot long deep strokes with her mouth & full lips. Once Cock is hard Afton gets on her hands & knees, Satin Panties Ass in the air. Afton's Pantied Ass gets Cocked stroked & Cocked Banged. Then Afton gets Fucked in her satin Panties where Cock pulls out & shoots his load, big load all over her Pantied Ass. SAMPLE

Sex Instruction
Very Sexy Afton the Sex Instructor is joined with a student for today's session. He is instructed on Masturbation technique while Afton sex instructor personally gives him a lesson on Blowjobs & stroking . To pass his session he must Jerk Off on his Instructors Titties. Afton Sex Instructor sucks his Nipples to help him along. Student shoots a huge load of Cum all over his Afton The Sex Instructor Breasts. Hot Close-up of Cum Drenched Tits. SAMPLE

2 Fart Ass Worship
This Devine Pantyhosed Ass of Afton's Is telling you to get on your hands & knees & Worship. You are to bury your face into this Devine Pantyhosed Ass & Lick & Smell all for the pleasure of Afton. While your face is Buried into Afton's thick cheeked Ass Afton Lets out 2 Big REAL FARTS for you to Smell while Worshiping. SAMPLE

Filthy Mouth
Fuckin Afton Fucks her Fuckin Pussy with a Fuckin Dildo. Filthy Mouthed Fucking Afton uses the word Fuck all the time her Fuckin Pussy gets Fucked until Afton has a Fucking Orgasm. SAMPLE

HJ Technique
Afton starts out getting his dick hard with a blowjob, nice long strokes, Afton's skilled hands take over working his cock. There is a little spitting from Afton on his cock for lube. Afton goes back to a Blow Job for a bit. Afton's soft yet firm hands work his cock with one on his balls. A little more blowing. Afton's hands finish up working , using a new technique towards the end called making fire. It was enough to climax him to ejaculate up in the air, hitting Afton's breasts, all over her hands & on Afton's skirt. SAMPLE

Afton adorns herself with perfume an Lipstick. After a little hair combing Afton Adds red Lipstick to her Full pouty Lips, Then Afton BLOTS her LIPSTICK on a Tissue showing you her Lipstick smear asking for you to Cum as Afton does this over & over again. SAMPLE

Tickling Squirting
Afton is Strapped up & tied to a bondage table where she is Tickled until Afton has her first Squirting Cum. Although Afton is quiet in the beginning it is because she is afraid. Once Afton starts to get Tickled, Afton is yelling, screaming, laughing, begging for mercy with no end in site. Afton drenches her pantyhose while her squirting cum drips to a puddle on the floor. This is Afton's FIRST SQUIRTING CUM EVER on or off camera. SAMPLE
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